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Why local first aid courses?

When you choose a local first aid course in Devon, Cornwall, Dorset or Somerset from First With Iain, you are choosing some of the highest quality first aid training in the South West. All our first aid training is in accordance with current Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines.

Local first aid courses save time and money

Local first aid courses are both cost and time efficient, as you or your employees spend less time travelling across Devon or Cornwall, and more time learning vital first aid skills. 

Small class sizes

At First With Iain, we offer small class sizes at local venues. This ensures that you get quality tuition, and 1 to 1 personal attention from your trainer. Small group sizes help people learn more quickly and more effectively too, as they can have more hands on experience, very important for learning and retention of first aid techniques.

Interested? Check out our local first aid courses near Barnstaple, or call us on 01237 474764 to discuss your requirements

First aid training in local venues

Local first aid training ensures that nobody has to travel too far across Devon or Cornwall to find Emergency First Aid, First Aid at Work or Automated External Defibrilator courses. We choose the best training venue for the type of course we're running, and check that the environment is right for learning specific skills required. By using local venues, we help support local businesses and communities, rather than city centre hotel chains.

Easy access to first aid refresher courses

First aid is not a skill that you learn once and leave to chance you’ll remember it all in five years time. You need to refresh your skills in first aid on a regular basis. If you are a first aider for work, you would need to refresh your skills every year.

By attending a local first aid refresher course, you can spend less time on the road and more time reviving your skills. With First for Iain, you'll usually get the same trainer for your refresher as for your first course, which many people prefer to working with a new trainer with a different style.

Why local first aid courses are good for your business

At First for Iain, we provide local businesses in our part of North Devon and Cornwall with expert first aid training for all their staff - and with the minimum of disruption to business. Small businesses often cannot afford to send staff to stay overnight before a course starting early in the morning, or to send the whole workforce just to make up a big enough group.

Local first aid training ensures that you can send as many employees as you wish at a time, and keep costs low. Or we'll come to your premises and train your staff onsite, so staff travel costs are eliminated.

We also want your employees to have the opportunity to train in first aid without affecting their work life balance. Local first aid courses ensure your staff can receive professional first aid tuition, and still be home in time to have supper with the kids!

Local weekend first aid courses

Our weekend first aid courses are extremely popular with those who can't take time off from their job, or who might need first aid training for their hobbies rather than their work. For small and family businesses, taking staff out for whole day during the working week might prove difficult.

So, we offer all our training courses in first aid at weekends, in a relaxed yet informative environment, so everyone can return to work fully equipped with the skills they require, and without affecting their holiday allowance!

Bespoke local first aid courses for small businesses

If your business has the premises, we have the courses! Call us on 01237 4747464 to arrange first day training at your premises, so staff can train in the environment they know and work in every day. First aid courses at your premises also help employees focus on the elements of first aid and emergency care that are particular to their working practices.