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Outdoor First Aid

If you're involved in outdoor sports or pursuits, whether as a professional or as a volunteer, a working knowledge of first aid in the field is essential.

Our Outdoor first aid course is specifically designed for people involved in activities such as:
  • Outdoor sports
  • Swimming
  • Hillwalking
  • Rock climbing
  • Outward bound events
  • Adventure courses
  • Forest School

Our courses are held both inside and outside so you get to practice skills in the open air as necessary. Click to book your place on our outdoor first aid course:

First aid for sport         

Many sports coaching qualifications require you to hold a valid first aid qualification. The exact course requirements depend on the nature of your sport. Call us to discuss what you need on 01237 474764, and we'll match your requirements with a sports first aid course local to you, perhaps on the weekend so you can train without taking time off work.

First aid for the tourist industry                                                               

The SouthWest depends on tourist income to sustain our rural economy. Your ability to help holidaymakers with emergency first aid if required helps build our reputation as a destination for a family holiday all year round. That’s got to be good for all of us!


Not sure what level of first aid training you need?

Call us to discuss on 01237 474764 We've trained rock climber, canoeists and rescue teams, so we can help you find the perfect course to meet and exceed your qualification's requirements.