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Level 3 Remote Emergency Care AED Extension to Outdoor First Aid

This is a one day extension onto our REC Level 2 Outdoor First Aid course to add additional skills and knowledge including the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED).

On this course we continue the focus on dealing with incidents far from medical help with the minimal equipment you would be carry whilst participating in or leading outdoor activities. There is a heavy emphasis on practical skill through the course with plenty of hands on practical training including getting outside for outdoor scenarios, which are tailored to courses outdoor activities.

The Course will cover:

Scene management and personal protection

Legal considerations


Airway opening and safe airway position

Assess Breathing

Bleeding including Catastrophic bleeding which will cover use of tourniques and haemostatic dressings


Awareness of Spinal Injuries

Communicating for help

CPR competence and chain of survival

Effectiveness of CPR (discussion for the outdoor environment)

Shock management

Monitoring vital signs

Management of Spinal Injuries


Wound Management

Hypoglycaemia and diabetes

Hypothermia & hyperthermia, dehydration

Heart Disease


Seizures and Stroke


Automated External Defibrillation

Eye injuries

Chest injuries



We won’t make you a paramedic however you will leave with the skills and knowledge to carry out safe and efficient First Aid under less than perfect conditions.


£190.00 per person when run as a stand alone 3 day course, Min group of 3 with a maximum of 12.  Alternatively if you have attended and successfully completed our Remote Emergency Care level 2 Award you can attend for the one day add-on  Please call us to discuss this option.


This course is Certified by Remote Emergency Care and is valid for 3 years.

This course can be provided at First With Iain’s Training room in Bideford, North Devon or we can visit your venue or arrange a venue for larger groups.

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