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This is a LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL Message in a bottle.  It is a Lions Club Message in a bottle.

A simple idea, you complete the paperwork that comes with the pot, include a copy of your prescription and store it in the fridge.

It also comes with stickers to stick on the front door and on the fridge.

Any ambulance service personnel attending your home will see it and know the information they need is readily to hand.

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You can pick up your bottle at local GP surgeries, NHS Hospitals and Chemists.

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Over the last few months we have received numerous calls and enquiries from potential clients for short notice First Aid Training in and around Bideford and Barnstaple area.  Most of these calls were for 1 or 2 people and they couldn't make the dates for our advertised Open EFAW courses or they needed training which we don't supply open courses ie Paediatric courses.

So the solution: - we are now in the process of taking on a lease for a small training room in Appledore!

This training venue will enable us to run short notice with small numbers for any First Aid Training.

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In our last Blog we looked at some of the changes made by the HSE to the First Aid Regulations. In this Blog we have included a table showing how First With Iain will exceed the requirement set out by the HSE.

This can be supplied as a full stand alone document for you to include in your First Aid Training Need Risk Assessment.

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First Aid Training Changes – Guidance to Employers

On 1st Oct 2013 the Health and Safety brought out an amendment to the Health and Safety  (First-Aid) Regulations 1981.

This amendment was brought in as a result of the Professor Ragnar Löfstedt's review of health and safety legislation.

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Tackling Heartburn or to give its full title Gastro-Oespohageal Reflux Disease.

The acid in your stomach is needed to breakdown your food before it can be absorbed into the body.  It can breakdown any organic matter.  The stomach has a protective lining to prevent itself becoming broken down and has a valve/sphincter at one end, to allow food to enter and to prevent the contents of the stomach spilling back into the oesophagous (Foodpipe).  At the bottom end of the stomach, the second sphincter (valve) opens to allow broken down material to enter the small intestines where it will be absorbed by the body and have further Enzymes from our body added.

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Could you tell the difference between Angina, Heart attack, Cardiac arrest and Heartburn?

Would you know what action to take if your friend, work colleague, family member, or stranger next to you started to clutch their chest?

Maybe their symptoms are not as obvious as crushing chest pain, therefore would you know how to recognize the symptoms and get the necessary appropriate help?

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Hot Topic no 3.

Would you know what to do if someone collasped in front of you?

You might get out your phone and dial 999 and ask for the Ambulance service but would you know what life saving things you could do in those vital minutes whilst you are waiting for the Emergency Sevices to arrive?

Would you panic or call for help?

If it was a relative of yours, would you know what to do?

Last year the Resus Council updated their guidelines, so even if you have completed First Aid Training, you could be out of date.
Did you know how to use an AED, Automated Extrenal Defibrillator?

These little devices can save lives, simple training will give you the confidence to assist in the crucial minutes following a collapse.

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New website

Thanks go to Akira studio for their excellent service and delivery.

Here I will post updates I come across in the world of First Aid for your information.

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Well here is my first Blog,  Mmmhhh now what to say.  My wife makes it so easy producing huge and frequent Blogs on her Blog.

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Well heading off today for a week in N Devon (SauntonSands) need to get everyone praying to the surf God for 3 ' and clean for the next ten days.  The sunshine is optional.

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Well there is most definetly sun and the surf has been off and on but I haven't been surfing due to a little misshap on Mon morning which resulted in a trip to Barnstaple A&E, 5 hours later right leg in plaster from toe to just below knee.

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Now completed my WGL Cse but now looking at going for the ML Training and Assessment! 

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Well I have now completed the First Aid at Work Instructors course and a City and Guilds 7303 PTTLS Course so am now fully qualified to teach First Aid at Work Courses that are certified by the HSE.

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