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Angina, Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest, and Heartburn

Could you tell the difference between Angina, Heart attack, Cardiac arrest and Heartburn?

Would you know what action to take if your friend, work colleague, family member, or stranger next to you started to clutch their chest?

Maybe their symptoms are not as obvious as crushing chest pain, therefore would you know how to recognize the symptoms and get the necessary appropriate help?

In this series of blogs we cover Angina, Heart attack, Cardiac arrest and Heart burn:

  • What are they?
  • Is it Life threatening?
  • What to do?

Could you save a life with the right skills?

Would you want your friend colleague, family member or a stranger to have the necessary skills to help, maybe even save you?

This Blog is no substitute for quality First Aid training.  The skills learnt on a Basic life support course are not difficult.  The skill are not just for the first aider, or health professional.  They are for everyone, including children who can be taught what to do in an emergency.

Tackling Heartburn or to give its full title Gastr...
First Aid Hot Topics Part two.