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First Aid Hot Topics Part two.

Hot Topic no 3.

Would you know what to do if someone collasped in front of you?

You might get out your phone and dial 999 and ask for the Ambulance service but would you know what life saving things you could do in those vital minutes whilst you are waiting for the Emergency Sevices to arrive?

Would you panic or call for help?

If it was a relative of yours, would you know what to do?

Last year the Resus Council updated their guidelines, so even if you have completed First Aid Training, you could be out of date.
Did you know how to use an AED, Automated Extrenal Defibrillator?

These little devices can save lives, simple training will give you the confidence to assist in the crucial minutes following a collapse.

  • Do you the difference as to when you should call your GP for an emergency or a rountine appintment?
  • Would you ring the NHS Direct Helpline?
  • Or do you dial 999 for Emergency Services?
  • Deciding who to call first can make the difference to your loved one!
  • Is the patient / loved one conscouious, alert, breathing easily or with difficulty?
  • Are thet compalining of chest pain?
  • Are they bleeding?

If you cannot answer with confidence how you would react in an emergency situation, maybe it is time for you to get some training.  Training is given in an enjoyable way, with realistic sceanarios and plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

First with Iain believes that the only daft question is the question that is not asked.

If your loved one is a child, do you know what to do if they are choking, children often put objects in thier mouths, up noses, they like to investigate.  Do you know what to do if your child has a forgiegn object and can't remove it themselves?

Gain the confidence to react calmly to help your child.

Did you know that the Health and Safety Executive recently changed thier guidlines regarding the content of what should be in your employers First aid kit.There is now a new British Safety Standard.

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